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Harvard Happenings – October edition

Harvard Happenings – October 2016


CHAA, Box 175 Tillsonburg ON N4G 4H5


CHAA’s Backseat Flight Experience Program” Update, President, Pat Hanna aviatoris@rogers.com

Since the last update in the September’s Harvard Happenings, we formed a committee to work on bringing CHAA into compliance with the 48 points for the exemption as outlined by Transport Canada (TC). It was believed we were good to proceed, but we have had further correspondence from TC that was discouraging to say the least. It appears ALL 48 points on the exemption must be met immediately, including having all aircraft used for giving backseat rides being maintained or certified through an AMO (Authorized Maintenance Organization). Since we do not comply with ALL of the points of the exemption at this point, we have no other recourse but to stop our backseat ride program until this issue can be fully resolved. It is very disappointing to us, as the backseat revenue is very important to the ongoing success of CHAA as we “Keep those Harvards Flying!” Further correspondence will be forthcoming when there are any updates. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


For those new to CHAA, following is background info as shared with membership in August 2016:


“There have been many questions of late regarding the flight experience (backseat ride) program. For the past 31 years, CHAA has been offering backseat rides to members for a “set amount donation”.  Since CHAA does not possess a Commercial Operating Certificate allowing us to charge for rides, we have been in violation of the Canadian Air Regulations (CARs), but Transport Canada has not enforced those regulations for organizations like CHAA up to this point.


Over the past couple of years, Transport Canada (TC) has been developing a program that would allow Warbird operators to charge for rides without having a Commercial Operating Certificate through an exemption process. We have applied for that exemption.  It has been a lot of work to prepare for the application process, including the upgrading of several pilots to a commercial license (at their own expense) and the Flight Operations Manual (FOM).


Recently, we received notification from TC that CHAA must stop “charging” for backseat rides until we receive the exemption or face fines and suspensions both as pilots individually and as an Association. In order for us to maintain the integrity of the Association through the exemption application process, the flight experience program is suspended until the exemption is approved and received by CHAA.



– Saturday, October 8: Rockton Fair and Veterans Flypast, Rockton

– Sunday, October 16: Six Nations Remembrance Day Flypast, Ohsweken

– Saturday, October 22: Claude Archambault from the CYTB airport has arranged with Fred Grootarz to do a TC Recurrency Seminar in our meeting room on Saturday, October 22nd from 1000 – 1200 hrs. He has invited our CHAA pilots to attend as well.

– Sunday, November 6: Tom Hawkins Remembrance Day Flypast, Shedden

– Friday, November 11: Toronto Remembrance Day Flypast


MEMBERS’ MONTHLY MEETING: 3rd Saturday of each month, CHAA’s Meeting Room at Tillsonburg Airport from 10AM to Noon.

Upcoming CHAA meetings:

–          October 15: Guest Speaker will be aerobatic pilot Gord Price from Thornbury, Ontario. He is ex-RCAF, Air Canada pilot and an aerobatic legend with his Yak 50 “The Dam Pub”. Will be an excellent presentation!

–          November 19 and December 17


CHAA MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL – Tracy Reddy 519-404-4843.

Renew you 2017 membership before December 31st to remain current.

In order to best serve you, our regular three options to renew are:

1. Fill out the membership renewal form http://www.harvards.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/CHAA-MEMBERSHIP-APPLICATION.pdf   input your credit card information or include a cheque (made out to Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association) and mail to the address listed at the top of the application.

Or 2. Visit our website at http://www.harvards.com/product-category/memberships  Select the membership of your choice and make a payment online using PayPal.

Or 3. Should you not feel comfortable with paying online through PayPal, the other option is by phone, Should this option best suit you or if you have a membership question, leave a message at 519-404-4843 and your call will be returned when Tracy gets home from work.


CHAA STORES MERCHANDISE – Pat Hanna aviatoris@rogers.com

CHAA has been in discussion with Tom Armbruster at Unique Embroidery and we are looking at getting some new golf shirts for next season. These shirts would be featured in both navy blue and solid white with the larger logo and also have the much requested chest pocket! Also looking at white tee shirts with the larger embroidered logo for next year. Feel free to contact me with your orders for Christmas!


As always, wishing you clear skies, smooth flights and safe landings!

Sandra Sparkes, CHAA Member

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